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Thank You Photo Comments

I Peel Verru Proud U - I Feel Very Proud Of You - Captain Vijayakanth in Police Uniform
 Votes: 1011
Fuck You In Sign Launguage
 Votes: 924
Ya Dude Thats Right - Funny Kid - girl you fine
 Votes: 920
If You Have a Dirty Mind, You will never get bored - Joker from Batman Dark Knight
 Votes: 911
I Love you - Cute boy and girl - Written on a Cloth Clip
 Votes: 895
I Dont Know Where You Are - But I Will Look For You. I Will Find You And I Will Drink With You - I Dont Know Who You Are. But I Will Find You Kill You - Taken - Liam Nielson
 Votes: 892
Thank You Lord For Everything - Love and Roses
 Votes: 875
This is You - Liking your own status - Lion Licking His Balls and Ass
 Votes: 866
I am a good enough person to forgive you but not stupid enough to trust you again
 Votes: 865
Keep Smiling - One Day Life Will get tired of upsetting you
 Votes: 829
You Are Correct - Mr Bean
 Votes: 823
I Miss You - Cute Kitty Cat
 Votes: 814
Oh Good For You - Funny Celebrity faces
 Votes: 805
You Are Awesome
 Votes: 792
Fuck You - Barbed Wire Middle Finger
 Votes: 773
Fuck You - Middle Finger in Cloud
 Votes: 772




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