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Awesome Photo Comments

Machine Gun Likes - Hitting Likes with Machine gun
 Votes: 4108
Wow.. Very Very Beautiful People - Vadivelu
 Votes: 3481
That was Really Awesome. Bravo Bravo Bravo - Thalai Ajith Kumar
 Votes: 2196
The Mask - Jim Carrey - Eye Tongue Popup
 Votes: 1990
Awesome in Rainbow Colors
 Votes: 1080
Brirriant - Kim Jong Un Saying Brilliant Funny Meme
 Votes: 1046
Salute To The Awesomeness - Salman Khan
 Votes: 793
Ya Dude Thats Right - Funny Kid - girl you fine
 Votes: 743
Succes Kid - Baby Thumbs Up, Palms Hold
 Votes: 686
Salute To The Awesomeness - Sunil Shetty Border
 Votes: 654
I Dont Know Where You Are - But I Will Look For You. I Will Find You And I Will Drink With You - I Dont Know Who You Are. But I Will Find You Kill You - Taken - Liam Nielson
 Votes: 623
You Are Awesome
 Votes: 621
Liked It - Newly Married Couple Thumbs Up
 Votes: 573
Yes - Thats awesome
 Votes: 377
Salute To The Awesomeness
 Votes: 367
Awesome What - Miss Jay Alexander
 Votes: 334




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