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Cute Photo Comments

Accept and Respect. We all are different - Cute Cat Dog Puppy Rabbit Squirrel
 Votes: 667
#VeryCute - Very Cute
 Votes: 628
You are no match for my powers of cuteness - Cute Standing Kitty Cat
 Votes: 610
Money CANT buy happiness - Poor Negro Kid Enjoying Playing
 Votes: 530
Awww How Sweet Of You
 Votes: 391
ഇതാണോ എന്റെ ചെക്കന്‍ - Ithaano Ente Chekkan - Cute Girl Wondering
 Votes: 380
അള്ളാ പിള്ളേരുടെ ഓരോ പേഷനേ - മാമുക്കോയ - Alla Pillerude Oro Peshane - Fashion - Mamukkoya
 Votes: 353
Waiting until 12 am to Say Happy Birthday to a close friend
 Votes: 317
I am Sorry - I Promise Not To Do It Again - Cute Puppy
 Votes: 289
എനിക്കൊന്നും വയ്യ - പൂച്ചക്കുട്ടി - Enikkonnum Vaiyya - Cute Kitty Cat Closing Eyes
 Votes: 286
Funny Cat Wondering Troll Face
 Votes: 285
Goundamani In Lady Dress Funny Look
 Votes: 271
What - Cute Baby Boy
 Votes: 253
Arent We Best Friends Tell Me
 Votes: 237
When I Say I Miss My School, I mean my friends and the fun. Not the School
 Votes: 178
പോതാ പത്തി - കുഞ്ഞാവ - Potha Pathi - Kunjava - പോടാ പട്ടി - കുഞ്ഞുവാവ - Poda Patti - Kunju vava - Kunjuvava - ധോണി - കുഞ്ഞ്- MS Dhoni and Baby Advertisement
 Votes: 172




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