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Say Wat Again
 Votes: 3533
Homer disappears into bushes
 Votes: 3431
Vijayakanth Crying Loudly
 Votes: 3199
സട്ടപ്പ് ബ്ളഡി റാസ്കല് മാമുക്കോയ - Shutup bloody rascal - Mamukkoya as Police
 Votes: 3130
Fuck You - Funny Troll Kid Face
 Votes: 3100
Aap Mar Jao Na Please - Troll face Crying
 Votes: 3023
How about NO - Angry Grumpy Cat
 Votes: 2986
Machan Ivana Muthala Sududa - Santhanam With Gun
 Votes: 2984
അനാവശ്യം പറഞ്ഞാല്‍ മുളക് കലക്കി ഞാന്‍ മുഖത്തൊഴിക്കും - അമേന്‍ - Anaavashyam Paranjaal Mulaku Kalakki Njaan Mukhathozhikkum - Swetha Reddy in Amen
 Votes: 2605
Thats Why We Never Visit You Guys - Said by Aliens
 Votes: 2587
Athu Thappache - Thambi Ramaiah
 Votes: 2586
Bullshit Detected
 Votes: 2486
I Just Came Here To Read The Comments But Now Its Only People Tagging Their Shitty Friends - Michael Jackson Eating Popcorn - MJ in Thriller Theatre
 Votes: 2292
Senthil Thinking Funny Look Reaction
 Votes: 2241
Middle Finger - Facebook Like Hand - Fuck You
 Votes: 2196
Pudinga Sir Avane. Pudichu Jailila Podunga - Santhanam Angry in Deiva Thirumagal
 Votes: 2112




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