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Sunil Shetty Photo Comments

What Say That Again - Sunil Shetty Looking Funny
 Votes: 2123
Kal Mast Naha Dhoke Aana Like Milenge - Paresh Rawal - Akshay Kumar - Sunil Shetty
 Votes: 1060
Salute To The Awesomeness - Sunil Shetty Border
 Votes: 958
Barbaar Bola -  Phir Hera Pheri - Paresh Rawal, Sunil Shetty
 Votes: 835
Shetty Bhai Ki Taraf Se Ek Like - Sunil Shetty In De Dana Dan Movie
 Votes: 676
Its Always fun listening to someones lie when you already know the truth - Anushka Shetty
 Votes: 410
Kya Dekh Raha Hai BC - Sunil Shetty
 Votes: 322
Kachcha Chaba Jaaunga, Maa Ke Pakode - Angry Suniel Shetty
 Votes: 309
ശ്ശോ - സംവൃത സുനില്‍ - Sho - Samvrutha Sunil in Chocolate
 Votes: 247
Yeh update dekhne se pehle mein mar kyon nahi gaya - Sunil Shetty
 Votes: 240
What Say That Again - Sunil Shetty Looking Funny
 Votes: 226
Thok Dunga Haraami - Sunil Shetty with gun
 Votes: 196
Apne Ko Kya - Apne Ko To Sirf Goli Daalni Hai - Sunil ShettySunil Shetty
 Votes: 181
Arey Kehna Kya Chahthe Ho - Sunil Shetty
 Votes: 175
Pardon Me Bro - I have liked your status - Sunil Shetty
 Votes: 171




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