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Troll Face Photo Comments

Whoa - Troll Face Meme
 Votes: 7190
Double Facepalm - When One Facepalm is just not enough - Picard
 Votes: 6066
Funny Shocked Expression - Troll Face Meme
 Votes: 5462
Good night to all my facebook friends
 Votes: 5098
Jack Sparrow Derp Funny Face Expression - Pirates Of Caribbean
 Votes: 4069
Oh My God What I am Seeing - Cat Human Face
 Votes: 3862
Can I Touch - Crying Troll Face with Tears
 Votes: 2810
Oh My God - Smiley Face
 Votes: 2694
Funny Tamil Guy Face
 Votes: 2568
Crying Infinitely Troll Face
 Votes: 2499
Fuck You - Funny Troll Kid Face
 Votes: 2365
Black Guy Funny Face
 Votes: 2308
Hello Mark Zuckerberg Garu - Brahmanandam Advice to Facebook Owner
 Votes: 2112
Aap Mar Jao Na Please - Troll face Crying
 Votes: 1980
Middle Finger - Facebook Like Hand - Fuck You
 Votes: 1870
Horror Deadbody Looking Into Face - Scary
 Votes: 1796




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