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Sorry Photo Comments

I am Sorry - Written with Pencil - Eraser rubber
 Votes: 202
Sorry - Boy with a placard
 Votes: 198
I am Sorry - Teddy Beer
 Votes: 198
I am Sorry - Girl hiding face behind board
 Votes: 197
Sorry I Have Read Your Update - Gandhi to Hitler
 Votes: 187
I am Sorry
 Votes: 183
I am Sorry - Written on Wall
 Votes: 164
I am Sorry I Hurt You - Teddy Beers
 Votes: 160
Sorry - Sticky Note
 Votes: 158
I am Sorry
 Votes: 155
I am Sorry - Paper Stickered
 Votes: 152
Sorry written on Beach sand
 Votes: 147
I am Sorry - Written Note
 Votes: 144
I am Sorry
 Votes: 134
I am Sorry I cant be perfect - Written on paper
 Votes: 122
I am Sorry
 Votes: 120




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