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Oh My God Photo Comments

ഹോ ഭയങ്കരം തന്നെ - ചാള മേരി - Ho Bhayankaram Thanne - Chala Mary
 Votes: 1051
Best Dad Ever - My Son. Dei Thagappa. Senthil - Happy Fathers Day Da
 Votes: 1050
Apun Tere Ko Is Post Ke Liye Salam Karta Hai - Amitabh Bachan
 Votes: 1033
How Fascinating - Please Tell Me More - Jim Carrey
 Votes: 1025
I Respect You - With Love
 Votes: 1003
Please Like My Page - Crying Admin Troll
 Votes: 998
Just want to say - I miss you my Best friend
 Votes: 985
Superman Like - Facebook Thumbs Up Like
 Votes: 950
Troll Face - Kill Myself with Knife, Guns into Eyes
 Votes: 947
Salute To The Awesomeness - Salman Khan
 Votes: 909
Scary Lady Sitting - Horror Image
 Votes: 892
Oh Mai Gaa - Shocked Koala Bear Oh My God. OMG
 Votes: 876
Look at my wallet. Its empty. Sponge Bob
 Votes: 874
Bhaiya Aap Rehne Do - Johny Lever
 Votes: 826
Lekin Tum Kehna Kya Chahte Ho - Johny Lever
 Votes: 800
You Are Awesome
 Votes: 769




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