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Nana Patekar Photo Comments

Acha hai bahut acha hai - Nana patekar
 Votes: 6986
Ab Jaake Hasi Aayi - Nana Patekar
 Votes: 1727
Yaar Tune To Emotional Kar Diya - Nana Patekar
 Votes: 1008
Bhai Aap Mahan Ho - Nana Patekar
 Votes: 945
Say That Again - Nana Patekar
 Votes: 886
Yaar Mujhe Pata Nahi Tha Tu Itna Acha Hai - Nana Patekar
 Votes: 804
Give That Man - A Banana, A Horse, A Cookie, A Pineapple, A Medal, A Mango, A Championship, A Broccoli, and Make Him The President Of USA
 Votes: 714
Acha Hai - Nana Patekar
 Votes: 655
Ye Le Mera Like - Nana Patekar
 Votes: 640
Bas Kar Gaandu - Nana Patekar
 Votes: 613
Ab Bhi Time Hai, Sudhar Ja - Nana Patekar
 Votes: 512
Ho Gaya Tera - Nana Patekar
 Votes: 494
Kya karu, Kya karu mein iss BC kya - Nana Patekar
 Votes: 467
Take This Then - Nana Patekar- Fuck Off
 Votes: 432
Ab Tereko Kya Problem Hai Bc  - Nana Patekar
 Votes: 389
I Dont Care - I am Just A Banana
 Votes: 385




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