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Kapil Sharma Photo Comments

Babuji Ka Ashirwad - Babaji Ka Thullu - Alok Nath - Kapil Sharma
 Votes: 622
Ek Kaan Ke Niche Chamaat Lagaunga - Kapil Sharma
 Votes: 385
Thank You. Aapne sabka bahut acche time waste kiya - Kapil Sharma
 Votes: 310
Baba Ji Ka Thullu By Kapil Sharma
 Votes: 222
Abe Kya Hai Ye - Kapil Sharma
 Votes: 199
Teri Post Ne Bhi Hasa Diya Be - Kapil Sharma
 Votes: 152
Baba Ji Ka Thullu - Rahul Gandhi - Kapil Sharma
 Votes: 125
I am Serios BC. Dont laugh at me - Kapil Sharma Angry
 Votes: 99
Baba Ji Ka Thullu - Kapil Sharma
 Votes: 98
Baba Ji Ka Thullu - Kapil Sharma
 Votes: 73
Baba Ji Ka Thullu - Kapil Sharma
 Votes: 56
Ekdum Hero Lag Riya Be Gaandu - Kapil Sharma
 Votes: 46




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