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Johny Lever Photo Comments

Bhaiya Aap Rehne Do - Johny Lever
 Votes: 832
Lekin Tum Kehna Kya Chahte Ho - Johny Lever
 Votes: 802
Dara Mat Pagle - Johny Lever
 Votes: 675
Bouncer Ekdum Kuch Palle Nahi Pada - Johny Lever
 Votes: 644
Aur Hasu Ke Itna Chalenga - Johny Lever
 Votes: 639
Arey Yeh Kya Tha Be - Johny Lever
 Votes: 507
Yeh Kya Tha Be Maamu - Johny Lever
 Votes: 334
Phew How Cheap - Johny Lever
 Votes: 242
Say Cheeze - Johny Lever
 Votes: 196
Eisa Kya - Johny Lever
 Votes: 195
Kya Bhidu - Johny Lever
 Votes: 181
Eisa Kya - Johnny Lever
 Votes: 137




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